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Simple Drag And Drop Editing Interface Makes It Easy For Even The Most
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You can within 2 clicks of the mouse pull your videos from youtube,
amazon s3 or any other video hosting provider and add them into Video Skins

High converting, tested video technology that’s hosted on the web so you can
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This will change the way you manage your
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How much of an impact could that make to your business or that of your clients?

Well here’s a quick look at what you get with Video Skins when you get access

Simple Intelligent Technology That Grabs Videos
From The Most Popular Hosting Services Such As
YouTube, Amazon S3 and more…

This makes it super easy to grab your videos and add them from anywhere
around the web. You can import your entire library into our software and
manage everything from one place.

Built To Customize And Convert – With Just A Few
Clicks You Can Customize Any Of Your Videos
Adding Call To Actions, Opt-Ins And More…

The advantages of adding calls to action in your video at the times you want is
endless. This software makes it so easy to add everything from calls to action
to opt-in forms to buy buttons and more right into your videos at whatever time
you choose.

Powerful Skinning Interface – Completely Rebrand
Your Videos Look And Feel

Use our pre-created skins or upload and customize to fit round your videos.
You can use this for clients or use it in your own business to brand your videos
to you making your stand out.

Professional & Stylish Interface Keeps All Of Your
Videos In One Place Online. Easy To Manage And
Simply Works

You never have to worry about losing your videos again. Simply add them to
Video Skins easy to use interface and any time you need a video log in and
there it is!

Group Your Videos Based On Website,
Client, Or Membership Site

Client sites, membership websites, sales websites you can group all of them so
you can easily navigate all of your videos.

Produces A Simple Embed Code That Works On All
Of Your WordPress Blogs and Html Pages

Our embed code is easy to use and its really FAST to load. This means your

videos are going to be super fast to load on your page. This is critical online.

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I’m going to detail in this system exactly how I create videos that grab people’s attention, sell and help me to make more money online.

Not only that but I’m going to show you my exact campaigns where I utilize video and how I use it to sell affiliate products, my own products and produce videos for clients of mine.

You’re also going to get a head start with Video Skins new call to action technology. You’ll learn the best ways it can be used to grab the attention of your audience and long story short make you more money online.

This is the BEST system you’ll get your hands on this year!
I’m also going to show you how to take the software you already have,
Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Motion Pro and use the videos you create to make money with Video Skins.


We want to ensure that you can reach the same success we, our beta testers and many of our current customers have reached so on top of everything you’re already getting we’re going to add in a complete 90 minute workshop all about how to utilize Video Skins… Imagine being able to ask any question you want as we showcase this software, system in action! Making money in front of your eyes as well as generating leads hand over fist. If you’d like to see that and have the opportunity to ask any question you want we’re adding in as a bonus a complete session that we look forward to seeing you on live.

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Basic Personal
User Rights

RRP: $97

  • 3 Video Limit
  • 2 Video Groups
  • 3 Video Skins to choose From
  • Limited Call To Action & Opt-in features
  • Grab And Use YouTube, Amazon S3 and more
  • 1 X Training Workshop (Recorded)
  • Basic Support
Video Skins - Single Site License

Developer Rights

Use Video Skins With Your Clients

RRP: $297

  • Developer Rights
  • Unlimited Video Groups
  • Over 20 Video Skins Templates
  • Customizable Play Buttons
  • Customizable Playback Bars
  • Call-to-Action Buttons (customizable to anything)
  • Custom Images (logos, jvzoo buttons etc)
  • Grab And Use Videos From Youtube, Amazon S3 & More
  • 1 X Training Workshop (Recorded)
  • Premium Support
Video Skins - Developer Site License

Unlimited User
Rights License

RRP: $197

  • Unlimited Video Groups
  • Over 20 Video Skins Templates
  • Customizable Play Buttons
  • Customizable Playback Bars
  • Call-to-Action Buttons (customizable to anything)
  • Custom Images (logos, jvzoo buttons etc)
  • Grab And Use Videos From Youtube, Amazon S3 & More
  • 1 X Training Workshop (Recorded)
  • Premium Support
Video Skins - Unlimited Personal Site License

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